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The Stag, the Wolf, and the Sheep<p>Released late last year, Islands is part puzzler, part interactive art piece currently discounted on the App Store, down to 99p / 99c for a limited time.</p><p>Each stage of Islands presents you with a seemingly everyday location - a bus stop, a parking lot, an office - and waits for you to begin exploring, tapping on icons and objects to slowly evolve the environment.As a puzzler, Islands won't offer much challenge, but unraveling the secrets within each level and revealing the otherworldly innards of such normal places delivers a unique piece of interactivity.</p><p>You can purchase Islands on iPad and iPhone.</p>

Game features:

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Game play:

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2、�Smash Craft Mod Smash Craft [MOD] V1.1.0 Features:Much moneyA large number of gold coinsSmash Craft - simplest reaction timekiller. Established sandbox Minecraft schedule has already been in all genres. Runners, shooting, strategy, platformers ... today it will be the usual arcade. Click on the screen you will be able to throw off a bomb from the sky in unlimited quantities, at the same time your task is to get them to the enemy, not letting it be like to own base. Feature of the game is amusing and realistic physics of destruction pixel men, but that all the key moments of the game to an end.

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