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<p>Fire Emblem: Heroes is just the gift that keeps on giving as the next Tempest Trials event is scheduled to take place on July 7th.</p><p>Like the previous TT event, 'Resonating Fangs' features a series of maps. Here, you'll have to fight from the beginning to the end until you boss through the final map.</p><p>When taking part in the TT event you'll get a higher score when playing on normal/hard mode. After being defeated in battle, and then going back to fight with a new team, the enemies defeated by the previous team won't reappear.</p><p>Fire Emblem : Heroes' latest Summoning Focus features four Shadows of Valentia characters: Mae, Faye, Alm, and Boey. This is currently live on iOS and Android, and will end on July 21st.</p><p>Source.</p>.


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